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Alle koren en kwartetten van DABS hebben zich inmiddels aangesloten bij Holland Harmony: DABS is nu volledig op gegaan in Holland Harmony, Dutch association of Barbershop Singers. Er is nu dus één organisatie voor alle barbershopzangers in Nederland!
Deze website wordt daarom niet langer geactualiseerd.
Vanaf heden kunt u voor actualiteiten terecht op www.hollandharmony.dse.nl


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Magna Carta 15 Decembe  2011 080Peter Le Geyt, zanger in een a capella koor in de UK, overweegt om een reis naar Nederland te organiseren voor barbershoppers uit de UK. Hij zoekt daarvoor contact met een Nederlands barbershopkoor. Heb je belangstelling om hier iets mee te oen, neem dan contact met hem op.




am a member of a male A Capella chorus in the UK and was thinking about arranging a trip to Holland for male barbershop singers.   It is just a thought at this stage however the idea would be to link up with a dutch chorus and perhaps have a day of tuition (from a dutch coach) and learn a song for all of us (Dutch/UK) to perform somewhere special the next day in the evening.    You of course may have a few suggestions on how we can make this trip successful in Holland?
I am involved in arranging events and have contacts in Holland who can assist in planning some of the itinerary as we would probably stay in Holland for around 4 days and see some of the sights etc.   I would envisage the group size to be between 16 – 25 persons.
Once again it is only an idea at the moment but would be interested to find out if this type of visit would be of interest.   If it is I will look further into it and correspond accordingly with proposed itinerary.

Thank you, 

Peter Le Geyt

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